Preparing for your First Meeting with your Interior Decorator

By Finesse on January 29, 2014 in Blog


Have you just purchased a new home? Maybe it’s time to freshen up your long-lived-in space? If interior design isn’t something you can undertake yourself, an interior decorator can give you the personal and unique look you want with knowledge and style that might be beyond your realm of expertise.

Once you’ve decided to hire an interior decorator to beautify your home, how can you prepare?


What’s your budget?

Before undergoing any design project, it’s important to determine your budget. Your interior decorator is going to ask and needs to know what your restrictions are to create a space that you love for the price you can afford. Neither you nor your interior decorator wants a surprise halfway through the process.


What’s your Style?

Yes, it is your interior decorator’s job to make a beautiful space in your home, but in the end, it needs to be a style you love. Having an idea of the kind of style that fits your personality will help your decorator make sure to design a space that you will not only feel comfortable in but want to show off.


How do you use your Space?

If you are concentrating on one area, make sure you can define exactly how you use the space. Do you entertain here? Is it a showpiece? Is this where you kick up your feet at the end of the day? How you use the room is essential knowledge for your interior decorator to make sure you truly feel at home.


Do you have any Deal Breakers?

Everyone has pieces of furniture, art or trinkets that are important to them – those things that you love seeing every day and can’t imagine living without. If there is anything in the room that are important to be incorporated into the design, you have to let your decorator know right from the beginning of the process. This space is yours and what is important to you is important to your interior decorator.


By being fully prepared for your first consultation with your interior decorator, you will find the process easy and stress-free, the way it should be. Then, you can sit back, relax and allow your decorator to make a beautiful and unique space you can love to live in.



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