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You’ve just redecorated your living room and can’t stop staring at the pièce de résistance — that glorious upholstered sofa or chair. It has everything: the perfect shape, unparalleled style, and the exact size for your space. And the fabric — oh, the fabric. You spent hours with your decorator to find the perfect fabric and there it is. Every thing is perfect…for now. But all too often, a year goes by and something is just not quite right. Maybe the cushions are a little lumpy, or the fabric is kind of wrinkled and dingy; whatever it is, something just looks unkempt.

What could have happened to your beautiful furniture? You started with a high-quality piece and now this? Chances are you forgot to flip, fluff and fuss.



If your piece has removable cushions, this is easy. Every few weeks, simply flip your upholstery cushions to make sure everything wears evenly and the cushions maintain their shape. Both the seat and the back cushions need regular flipping to keep everything looking their best.

If the cushions are attached, which we often see with back cushions, it’s a little more difficult, but usually still doable. Look for a zipper opening at the bottom of the cushion. You can unzip there and pull our the inner cushion, flip and replace.

Don’t forget to rotate your couch cushions as well. Everyone has their favourite seat and that spot will wear quickly without regular rotation. Instead of finding a new favourite spot every time you sit down, simply swap your cushions around. If all of the cushions are the same shape, even better — you’ll find the centre seat is least occupied and therefore wears the slowest.

Provided you flip and rotate your cushions regularly, you will make your furniture last twice as long.



Because cushions are so soft, they have to be fluffed regularly to make sure they keep the shape and comfort you fell in love with. Use it as a therapy session — punch, prod, poke and push them around to freshen up the shape and loft of the cushions.

Of course, the firmer the cushion, the less fluffing they require, but they still need some attention. The rule of thumb is that if the cushion is sat on, it should be fluffed every few days. Get yourself into a routine of fluffing your cushions before you turn off the light at the end of the day, or after your morning coffee. It only takes a minute and soon you’ll do it without thinking.



By fuss, we mean show your furniture some extra TLC. You can see the dust on a tabletop, so that gets attention, but you can’t see the dust on your couch. So fuss away, even if you can’t see it. When your cushions are dusty and you sit on them, the dust will sink into the fibres and start acting like sandpaper in there, causing the material to wear. So from now on, every time you dust and vacuum your living room, make sure to give your upholstered furniture a quick once-over as well.


Of course there are other contributing factors to the wear of your upholstery. We strongly recommend you get a high-quality stain guard professionally applied to any upholstered furniture to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. This will protect your sofa from the inevitable spill (such is life), and also harmful UV rays. Sunlight is your sofa’s enemy. You don’t want to live with your blinds closed, so protect that upholstery and let the sun shine in.



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