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For many people, the world of interior design is a completely foreign and sometimes intimidating concept. All you know is what you see on TV, read in magazines and see online. But where do those interior decorator fees go? What exactly do decorators do all day? And how are they able to come up with so many unique and beautiful designs? When you come see us at Finesse, we want to make sure you are totally comfortable and understand our process before you sign on the dotted line, so here is our interpretation of interior design and what you can expect when you work with one of our decorators.


What do interior decorators do?

Decorators work with you to pull together a single room, collective space or even an entire house. They are experts when it comes to furniture, “soft” furnishings like fabrics, rugs, accessories, colour and style. All decorating jobs start with a conversation between you and your decorator to talk style, colour preference, budget and scope. It may be a one-day consultation to figure out the best way to effectively style a space or it may be a complete job where we take the lead and complete a project from start to finish. We can and will do it all if that’s what you need. We will create inspiration boards, choose paint colours an fabrics, create a layout do your shopping and ordering and transport and install your furniture and accessories. You don’t have to try to be an expert, that’s why you hire us!


It’s more than choosing furniture and fabric

Of course, we choose the furniture, fabrics and pretty things to make your home amazing, but it’s about more than choosing the things we love. It is our job to make sure your home reflects who you are, beyond showcasing your favourite colours. We want to show off your hobbies, passions and loves — these are the details that make your house your home. Part of our job, beyond incorporating the aesthetic details that will make your space beautiful, is getting to know you and understanding what you truly love. Your home is a very intimate part of your life, we don’t want to be invasive, but we want it to be full of lovely personal details.


It’s not all glitz and glamour

We know, our job sounds super fun, and while we totally agree and love our jobs, not everything is glamourous. While we love the fun parts, like exploring colour options, shopping and styling your space, we also have the not-so-fun grunt work behind the scenes. We’re talking schlepping, traveling from place to place and paperwork and billing — see? Not fun. Not that we’re complaining — that’s the nature of business, right? And after all, completing a project and giving our client a beautiful space and seeing their reaction to the final result makes it all completely worth it.


Creativity is time consuming

When we talk to people who don’t work in a creative field, we find they sometimes I have a hard time understanding that coming up with a unique and personal design can be very time-consuming and sometimes unpredictable. We know that it can be easy to undercut the creative process, but it is very important to consider how much time we really put into our projects. Sometimes, people assume that because it is a creative industry, the workload isn’t as time consuming or strenuous as other fields, but the truth is, it’s hard work to truly understand our clients wants and needs and create a space that speaks to them in style.


It’s more physical than you think

We aren’t just sitting behind a desk sketching designs and online shopping. Beyond shopping, styling and running errands, we end up doing a lot of heavy lifting. We lift and move furniture, haul merchandise around our store and to clients’ homes, and put ourselves in precarious positions trying to hang art just right or put an accessory in the perfect position. And at Finesse, we also create our own custom pieces for clients, and believe us, it isn’t easy.


Not all our hours are billed

We are passionate about our craft, and that means we are always on. From doing research and keeping up with current trends to always watching for inspiration, a decorating business involves many hours that we just can’t bill for. Like most entrepreneurs, we work way more than 40 hours a week. So when you are looking at an hourly fee, consider the hours that you aren’t paying for as well — we don’t work 9-to-5. We work in an industry with constantly changing trends, new colours and unique products and when we’re trying to keep up with what’s going on in our field while also decorating clients’ homes, it can take some juggling. We want to be able to always provide our clients with the perfect space, and that takes more “off-the-clock” time than you may think.


Now that you have a better handle on what it is we do, we’d love to meet you! Come in and check out the store or contact us for an in-home consultation! We can’t wait to see you and help give your home some Finesse.



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