Why Hire an Interior Decorator?

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To many people, an interior decorator is simply someone who chooses paint colours, fabrics and furniture and makes your room look like the pictures in your favourite magazine. But that’s just part of it. A good interior decorator is your designer, your expert and your project manager — not to mention your representation to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers. It’s about more than just creating a beautiful space, it’s about giving you peace of mind throughout the process.


Benefit from their expertise

With years of experience in the business, your interior decorator has the ability and creativity to give you a space that is both functional and beautiful. There is more to think about that which colours and materials go together, you have to be able to look at the specific room and observe how it is used and how it has to function to meet your needs.

Every homeowner is unique, just as every home is unique. Your interior decorator will look at a room in a way that the average person may not be able to. They will determine the most efficient use of space, the best colour due to lighting and a style that matches you, the homeowner, perfectly.

That’s not to say that you can’t create a lovely space on your own, but a professional has the expertise to make it perfect for you. There are intricacies of interior decorating that you just couldn’t know without the training and experience of a professional, so why not take advantage of someone else’s skills?


Save time and money

When you think about hiring an interior decorator, we understand that it is difficult to look past that initial investment to retain their services. But here is a compelling point you may not have thought of: hiring a professional decorator will help you avoid the costly mistakes that you might make on your own. Not only will you be able to avoid purchasing items that might not fit in your ultimate vision or doing major renovations that you end up regretting and redoing, interior design is an essential element to increase the value of your home. Despite the fact that you may not be planning to sell your home in the near future, having a beautiful space can boost buyer appeal if you do end selling at some point.

Your decorator will also assist you in establishing a realistic budget and then stick to it. A professional knows where to go for everything related to your home and renovations. This will not only save you money, but endless amounts of time researching products, suppliers and prices. Your decorator has spent their career building relationships with the right people and companies, so they will spend the time communicating with contractors and suppliers so you don’t have to.


Get the wow factor you are looking for

Ultimately, when you decide that it’s time for a redesign, you want a space that sings and is unique to your home. An interior decorator can help give you that wow factor you want and aren’t sure how to get. They are trained to think differently and see an overall picture that you might not be able to. This is their job, they do it all day long. Trust us when we tell you that your interior decorator will provide the Finesse your home needs to make it fabulous.



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