Tips for a Smooth Home Remodel

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Picture this: After weeks of home renovations, you enter your newly designed space and it looks exactly as you imagined it would from the beginning. The colour is perfect, the furniture is beautiful and every single detail looks like it was made specifically for your home. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Unfortunately, for most people, the reality is that a home renovation usually doesn’t come together quite so perfectly. Whether you are missing some small component or your carefully planned budget was blown out of the water, you might ask, “Where did we go wrong?”

Of course, there are always minor details that you just can’t prepare for, but there are lots that you can. Expensive changes and additional work can avoided when the design is well thought out ahead of time. And by working with a professional interior decorator and trusting them, you can have your dream home.


Invest in help from a professional interior decorator

First of all, admit it — you lead a busy life. You just don’t have the time to do all of the research necessary in a major, or even a minor, home renovation. That’s why you should rely on a professional. Your interior decorator will save you time that you would have to spend to learn about the process of your redesign, seeking out and managing contractors and subcontractors and purchasing supplies.

By working with an interior decorator, your project can, and will, be easy. They will oversee your project from start to finish. You will begin by meeting with them to establish your style preferences and what you are looking for in your space. Your decorator will then design your project, source materials and bring in and oversee the necessary contractors to make your dream come to life. Remember, this is what they do — your decorator has spent years developing relationships with suppliers and contractors and designing beautiful and unique spaces. Trust them, step back and let their vision come to life before your eyes.


Establish your goals and refer back to them

When you are working with your decorator, be prepared to establish a wish list and goals for the redesign project. You can work together to create a list of priorities so that when construction is underway and unexpected questions come up, you can refer back to your list to refocus on the design goals. In fact, with a well-planned list of goals, your interior decorator might know the answer without having to bother you with added stress at all. This will not only save you time and allow the decision-making process to become much faster, but can ultimately save you money. You can easily avoid costly changes when you have already planned your space, with a minor contingency plan, just in case.


Create a budget, then add 10%

Once you have worked out a list of priorities, your interior decorator can help you determine a realistic budget. Be sure to set aside some extra money (we suggest about 10%) as a contingency for critical items. The more complex your renovation, the more likely unforeseen issues will arise and without some extra cash saved, just in case, you might find yourself coming up short when you really need it. The last thing you want is to have to put your project on hold while you scrape together a few extra dollars to cover the cost of the unexpected. Or worse, do you really want to sacrifice something from your prioritized wish list in order to pay for something else, all because you didn’t have a proper budget planned?


Be flexible

Ideally, your interior decorator will have a carefully planned timeline to finish your project as efficiently as possible. Even if they aren’t putting in hours specifically to your project, the decorator and others will be thinking about it in the backs of their minds. It takes time to work out all of the details of a redesign project, so be patient. And once the design phase is done, it’s time for construction. While you will want to consider the best-case scenario as the timeline to expect, be prepared for small changes to the schedule that may push the project a little longer than expected. So, have a backup plan in case your exact completion date gets rescheduled.


Communicate as needed throughout the project

A weekly or biweekly status report can give you peace of mind throughout the project. Consider scheduling calls with your interior decorator at the beginning of your project and then continue throughout the renovation and decorating process. If there is construction occurring, there may end up being changes due to conditions of your space. So when you have check-in calls, you can find out exactly how things are rolling out and if you are staying in the budget you planned for.

That said, remember that you hired a professional interior decorator for a reason — so trust them. Your check-in calls should be scheduled as your decorator sees fit and wasting time on the phone or in a meeting when they could be completing your space just isn’t worth it. There is no need to call about every minor detail; let your decorator work to have all of those small details come together to create an interior design that you will love.



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