Rethink Your Home: Get What you Need with What you Have

By Finesse on July 29, 2014 in Blog


If you have a growing family, or even if you just find your needs changing, you may end up reconsidering your home and whether or not it is the perfect fit it was when you bought it. Maybe something is missing; maybe you need more space; maybe something just doesn’t feel right anymore. And when that happens, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s time for a new home. But, if you work with an interior decorator, you may find that be evaluating your needs and your current space, you may be able to make adjustments in the home you meet all of your newfound needs.


Take stock of what you have

Begin by making list of all the rooms in your home — if you have floor plans, this can be even easier. Closely examine each room and write down what you use it for. Then, write down how often you use each space for its intended purpose. Maybe you only use your guest room two or three times a year, or maybe that office that was so necessary a few years ago has become a catchall for paperwork that never gets filed. You may get a few surprises at how much wasted space you actually have. Why not make better use of your space by repurposing and redesigning within your existing home’s footprint?

Create a wish list

Next, make a list of rooms you wish you had in your home. When you compare the two lists, can anything have a dual purpose? Maybe that rarely used guest room can double as a home office. Do you have a dining room that is almost never used but really need a family room? Say good bye to formal dining and hello to a casual family space. If you aren’t sure what you can repurpose, talk to your interior decorator. When you sit down and start listing your must-haves and your wish list then compare it to what you already have, your decorator may have some creative solutions you hadn’t considered.


Put resale fears into perspective

When you are constantly hearing that every renovation and redesign should be done with the next buyer in mind, it’s easy to get nervous before committing to a remodel. The truth is, unless you plan on moving out of your home in less than 5 years, there is nothing to worry about. Anything you paint, refurbish or renovate will likely start to show its age after 5 years anyway. Don’t miss out on the chance to truly love living in your home by worrying about what the next owners will think.


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