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You’ve decided it’s time to redecorate and you know you can’t create the beautiful space you’re imagining on your own. Deciding to hire an interior decorator will help figure out your personal needs, likes, dislikes and how you live in your home to create a space that not only looks amazing but works in your day-to-day life.

With that in mind, you will develop a relationship with your decorator that you might not expect. You aren’t going to be working with someone who comes into your house, looks around and decides, “It’s all wrong! Everything must go!” You want someone who asks you the right questions, and if some of these questions are forgotten, you can make sure you communicate this important information — it will be the guarantee of a beautiful space to call your own.


Top Questions your Decorator will Ask

What do you love in this room?

This is the first question your decorator should ask. It will assure you that your decorator is interested in what you want, what your tastes are and is not going to exclusively impose her or her tastes on your space.


What do you hate in this room?

This is another chance for your decorator to understand your taste better and learn what exactly needs to be replaced in your space.


What colours do you love and which do you hate?

Are you seeing a trend here? Your decorator is working with you to create a space that you will love to live in — if you love cool neutrals and hate bright bold hues, speak up!


Is there something you have, or have seen, that you want to serve as your colour inspiration?

Whether you have a favourite piece of art, a chair that you love or even a piece of clothing, don’t be afraid to let your interior decorator know what inspired you to finally take the plunge into redesigning your space.


Do you have a favourite look or style that you want to create?

When you look around your home, there is likely an specific style that has found its way into almost every room. Let your designer know if there is an aesthetic you find yourself drawn to, be it ultra-modern  country chic or something a little eclectic!


How do you use this room?

This is important to make sure this room is designed with you in mind. Remember, you have to live here and a beautiful space doesn’t always mean function. For example, if you are renovating your family room and you and your family are in that room daily, you will want comfort incorporated into your new stylish space.


What’s your budget?

If you do not define your budget, you will not be happy as your project progresses. Your decorator needs to know how much you want to spend and you need to know what to expect budget-wise in the creation of your new space. No one likes surprises when it comes to having to spend more money. Don’t be shy — you have to be honest.


Bonus: Ask your Decorator

Is this a realistic budget for my vision?

A good decorator will be honest with you. Whether they tell you “This is just about the right amount to get you everything you want and maybe some extras,” or “This will get us off to a great start for your first phase, but you will need to invest more for a second phase to complete you vision,” you will appreciate their honesty. You might be disappointed by what you hear, but it’s much better than ending up with a surprise at the completion of the project when you have to sign the cheque.

And if your budget and your dreams don’t match, your decorator can work with you to create a space that is more affordable. It may mean making fewer changes or keeping that wall you wanted to tear down, but they will be able to give you a spectacular space, even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind. You may be pleasantly surprised at what your budget can get you by reworking your vision.

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