The Importance of the Right Design Portfolio

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Deciding to invest in the expertise of an interior decorator is the first decision, but it certainly isn’t the last. But before anything can happen to beautify your home, you have to find the right person to work with. With so many options, deciding on the best interior decorator can be an overwhelming task, but there is an easy way to decide if you have found the right person for the job — check out their portfolio.

During your first consultation, which you can use as an interview process, ask to see the decorator’s portfolio of designs. This will give you the chance to see their work and determine whether they will create a space that you will love.

What is a portfolio?

In the design world, you have to see what can be done before deciding. You would never want to hire a decorator without seeing their previous work. Their portfolio gives you that opportunity. Of course, you can’t walk through other homes they have redecorated and renovated, but you can see photos. An interior decorator’s portfolio is a collection of photos that exemplify the decorator’s skills in interior design and renovations. You can see exactly where their strengths lie and decide if they are the one who can make your space spectacular.

What should you look for in a portfolio?

An interior decorator’s portfolio defines who they are in their industry. Look for variety when it comes to designs, ideas and style concepts. Most importantly, look for designs you love. If you are considering an ultra-modern look, you will want to see examples of similar styles that they have created int he past. You wouldn’t want to hire a decorator who specializes in traditional designs to take on your modern wish list. The key to a great portfolio is diversity and versatility. You want your space to be unique and if all their designs look the same, your personality won’t shine through.

Why is the right portfolio so important?

Remember, your interior decorator isn’t working for you, they are working with you to create the home of your dreams. The important thing is to find a person who fits your needs. If their design examples don’t wow you, how can you know that they will create a space in your home that does what you need and want it to do and look like. Their portfolio will tell you exactly how the interior decorator and their team will handle colour, layout, lighting, flooring and everything in between.

The right portfolio will start conversations —  you can ask why they did something the way they did, why certain styles are so common in their designs or how the styles you see int heir photos will lend themselves to your visions. If the answers are right and the photos match what you imagine, you have found your designer!


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